Tequila tastings, the spirit of Mexico
The Evolution of Tequila
In 1656 the village of Tequila (named for the local Ticuilas Indians) was granted a charter by the governor of New Galicia. Tax records of the time show that Mezcal was already being produced in the area. This Mezcal, made from the local blue agave, established a reputation for having a superior taste, and barrels of the “Mezcal wine from Tequila” were soon being shipped to nearby Guadalajara and more distant cities such as the silver-mining boomtowns of San Luis Potosí and Aguascalientes.
The oldest of the still-existing distilleries in Tequila dates back to 1795, when the Spanish Crown granted a distillers license to a local padrone by the name of José Cuervo. In 1805 a distillery was established that would ultimately come under the control of the Sauza family. By the mid 1800s there were dozens of distilleries and millions of agave plants under cultivation around Tequila in what had become the state of Jalisco. Gradually, the locally-produced Mezcal came to be known as Tequila (just as the grape brandy from the Cognac region in France came to be known simply as Cognac).
Mexico achieved independence from Spain in 1821. But until the 1870s it was a politically unstable country that experienced frequent changes in government, revolutions, and a disastrous war with the United States. Marauding bands of soldiers and guerillas extracted “revolutionary taxes” and “voluntary” contributions in kind from the tabernas and distilleries. In 1876 a general named Porfirio Díaz, who was from the Mezcal-producing state of Oaxaca, came to power and ushered in a 35-year period of relative peace and stability known as the Porfiriato.
It was during this period that the Tequila industry became firmly established. Modest exports of Tequila began to the United States and Europe, with Jose Cuervo shipping the first three barrels to El Paso, Texas in 1873. By 1910 the number of agave distilleries in the state of Jalisco had grown to almost 100.
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Tequila Tastings glass pitcher
Asombroso (Platino and Reposado) 11
Clase Azul (Silver, Reposado) 13
Corralejo ( Silver, Reposado and Añejo) 12
Don Julio ( Blanco, Reposado and Añejo) 12
Los Ramiros (Silver, Reposado and Añejo) 11
Partida (Silver, Reposado and Añejo) 12
Patron (Silver, Reposado, and Añejo) 12
Seleccion (Silver, Reposado and Añejo) 12



Clase Azul Silver 17
Clase Azul Reposado 18
Don Julio 1942 25
Don Julio 70 Aniversario 16
Partida Elegante Extra Añejo 35
Patron Gran Platium 35
Avion 44 Extra Añejo 22

Mex-Tini 10
Partida Blanco, Orange Juice
Grenada Sunrise 9
Grapefruit juice, Sauza Plata, Roses Grenadine
Avion Azul 10
Avion Silver Tequila, Dekyper Blue Curacao, Fresh Lemon Juice
Mexican Bloody Mary 10
Your choice of beer, Sauza silver Tequila, Tomato Juice, and a blend of our secret spices!
1800 Silver 10
1800 Reposado 11
1800 Añejo 12
1800 coconut 10
Avion Blanco 9
Avion Reposado 10
Avion Añejo 11
Asombroso Silver 10
Asombroso Reposado 11
Cazadores Silver 9
Cazadores Reposado 10
Cazadores Añejo 11
Corralejo Silver 10
Corralejo Reposado 11
Corralejo Añejo 12
Don Eduardo Silver 8
Don Eduardo Repo. 9
Don Eduardo Añejo 10
Don Julio Silver 12
Don Julio Reposado 13
Don Julio Añejo 14
Espolon Blanco 9
Espolon Reposado 9
Herradura Silver 9
Herradura Reposado 10
Herradura Añejo 11
Hornitos Silver 9
Hornitos Reposado 10
Hornitos Añejo 11
Jose Cuervo Silver 9
Jose Cuervo Gold 9
Jose Cuervo Tradicional 10
Partida Silver 11
Partida Reposado 12
Partida Añejo 13
Patron Silver 10
Patron Reposado 11
Patron Añejo 12
Sauza Silver 8
Sauza Reposado 8
Sauza Añejo 8
Seleccion Silver 10
Seleccion reposado 12
Seleccion Añejo 14
Tres Generaciones Silver 9
Tres Generaciones Reposado 10
Tres Generaciones Añejo 11